Regional Economic Development Investments, Inc. (REDI)

REDI Inc. is an affiliate organization of the Area 15 RPC in that the RPC staff provides administrative oversight of the program. REDI Inc., a non-profit corporation formed in 1990, provides low-interest loan for business/industry retention, expansion and start-up activities.  REDI funds are available for fixed asset and/or working capital loans for activities that create new or retain existing jobs within the Region. 

Since the program's inception, nearly $6 million RLF dollars have been loaned out, and over $46 million in additional funds invested.

     Recent REDI Loans


-Creative Edge $150,000 REDI, $364,000 Other/private, 14 new full-time jobs/27 retained jobs in Fairfield


- Liberty Rotational Molding $105,000 REDI, $223,650 Other/private, 7 new full-time jobs in Ottumwa

- C&C Manufacturing Land Company, $225,000 REDI, $3,200,000 Other/private, 29 new jobs in Ottumwa



- Fremont Style, $15,000 REDI/SELP, 1 new business/1 new job in Fremont

- Fairfield Organics, $150,000 REDI, $300,000 other/private, 15 new jobs created in Keota

- Ward Glass, $15,000 REDI, 1 new business/1 new job in Ottumwa

- RMA Armament, $225,000 REDI, $631,305 other/private, 20 new jobs created in Centerville

- Angstrom Precision Molding, $160,000 REDI, $440,000 other/private, 7 jobs retained 7 new jobs

Contact Area 15 Regional Planning Commission for more information.

Local Revolving Loans

REDI Inc. is also assisting local governments in the administration of their local revolving loan funds.  Local RLF assistance can be coupled with REDI loans for a complete business/industry financial package. As local RLF funds are repaid by business/industry, the proceeds are returned to the local fund to recapitalize it for future loans.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground and grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. SCORE provides free volunteer mentoring, free business tools, templates and tips, as well as inexpensive or free local business workshops and webinars. More information about the South Central SCORE chapter can be found at their website.