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The Area 15 Regional Planning Commission provides technical assistance to cities and counties for short and long-range plan writing. The RPC works directly with the city/county governing body to determine the type of plan to fit their needs. 

Comprehensive Planning

A comprehensive plan is a general guide for the overall development of a city or county.  The plan is long range in nature (10-20 years), and is a tool for city leaders to use when making decisions on public infrastructure investments.  In Iowa, the Comprehensive Plan is a requirement as the basis for a zoning ordinance (Iowa Code Section 414.3-municipal, 335.5-county).

Community Builder Planning

A Community Builder Plan is a short-term 5-year strategic plan that is adopted by a governing body (cities or counties).  It is a unique tool that takes community leaders through a planning process that helps develop consensus on current and future projects.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Hazard mitigation planning is a collaborative process whereby hazards affecting the community are identified, vulnerability to the hazards are assessed, and consensus reached on how to minimize or eliminate the effects of these hazards.  Area 15 RPC can assist in county-wide Hazard Mitigation Planning activities, including the preparation of a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program application for financial assistance in compiling a comprehensive, county-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan. An approved Hazard Mitigation Plan will also allow cities/counties to receive increased levels of recovery assistance during an actual emergency declaration.

Urban Revitalization Tax Exemptions

The Urban Revitalization Plan (tax abatement) is an integral part of local planning.  Tax abatement is an incentive used to encourage development.  It is a financial incentive offered through reduced taxes on improvements made to existing or newly built structures, such as homes and businesses.  The local governing body determines the type and duration of incentives offered.  In order to initiate a valid tax abatement program, the city or county must adhere to Iowa Code Chapter 404.

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